Healthy Happy Foodie Press wants the world to be delicious (and good for you)!

We are a small team of chefs, photographers and writers on a mission to popularize “spiralized” food. Why? Because it’s amazingly delicious and healthy!

If you are a novice to spiralized food, then you’ll find this way of eating vegetables to be a revelation. Many common dishes can be “spiralized” and made healthier (and tastier) in the process. Spiralized “Spaghetti and Meatballs”? Yes, it’s delicious! Spiralized “Apple Crisp”? An even bigger YES!

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Spiralizing vegetables and fruit changes their appearance and texture, giving our taste buds a whole new world to explore. The recipes on this blog are a great resource for inspiration. You’re in the right place…bon appetite!

A note about independence

We are independent (not sponsored by the companies who make spiralizers) and therefore at liberty to criticize as well as praise the spiralizer tools available on the market. If you like to support independent voices, then purchase one of our cookbooks! You’ll get a great, bona fide Best Seller cookbook and you’ll be supporting a passionate and independent food blog :)

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